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Worried About Rising Bills This Summer? Don’t Sweat It

Posted: May 6, 2023, 8:22PM
Worried About Rising Bills This Summer? Don’t Sweat It

We’ve been waiting all year for this… Summertime is near!

The excitement is inevitable when warm weather starts rolling in, but we often forget about the price tag that comes with it. Trying to stay comfortable in your own home can come at a cost. And on top of all the other expenses, utility bills can feel overwhelming.

Here are some handy tips to help you beat the heat and keep those utility bills from soaring.

Keep an Eye on Your Thermostat

It’s easy for us to set it and forget it. We don’t think much about adjusting the thermostat  in our homes when we just want to be comfortable

But did you know that even a couple of degrees difference can make or break your utility bill?  

Make minor changes gradually on your thermostat, so the change isn’t so noticeable. If the nights are cool, try turning it down by just one degree in the evening. Even turn it down (or off) when you’re not at home in the summer. Why spend money on an empty home?

Tips to Stay Cool 

  • Dress down. It’s as simple as taking off a layer of clothes, especially when you’re sleeping.
  • Get an efficient fan. Moving the air around in a room can significantly cool it down by a couple of degrees 
  • Check the direction on your ceiling fan. In the summer, your fan should be moving counterclockwise, to draw warm air up and push cool air down.

Watch Your Water Usage

You might be surprised at how much extra water is used during the summer months around your home. Between watering plants/gardens/lawns, having showers to cool down, doing more laundry, and having guests over, your water bill can significantly rise. Be aware of your water usage and where you could cut back.

Use Energy Efficient Light

The warmer months bring more sunshine and light with them. Make this work for you by turning the lights in your home down or off. Outdoor lights don’t need to be on while it’s light out. Only turn the lights on in the rooms that you’re using.  

When it’s time to replace the lightbulbs in your home, go for energy-efficient ones. They’ll last significantly longer and use less energy. Chances are you can go for a lower wattage bulb than the one you’re replacing, which also saves energy. But be wary of light bulbs labeled ‘long life’ since these bulbs can use more energy than your typical bulb.

Work Your Windows

Using your windows wisely can help make a significant difference in your utility bill.

Be sure to close your windows when the temperature outside is warmer than inside, typically mid-morning.
Open them up again at night to let the fresh, cooler air in. 
Closing your drapes during the day is an excellent way to block the sunshine in the summer and stop the heat from coming in. Consider picking up highly reflective window film from the hardware store. It’s easy to install and reflects the sunlight.


It might surprise you to know that some electronic devices and appliances such as lamps, TVs, coffee makers, and toasters use energy even if they’re turned off. This type of electricity is called “standby” electricity and can really have an impact on your energy bill. When you leave the house for the day or go to bed at night, unplug devices that you’re not using to save money.  

Try these tips and tricks in your home and see what a difference they can make on your utility bills!  

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