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Getting Started

Welcome to the Wheeling Housing Authority and its subsidiary, Wheeling Neighborhood Ventures. 
If you are looking for affordable housing in the Wheeling area, this is a great place to find it.

WHA is subsidized by HUD and provides many affordable options. You can find our properties and a brief description on this site. To apply for housing with us, please go to the Forms tab and select the WHA Pre-Application (for public housing and housing choice voucher) or WNV Application (for Historic North Wheeling, Jacob Street or Wheeling Heights). Once you complete the application, please feel free to drop it off at any of our sites or mail it to WHA, PO Box 2089, Wheeling. This will begin your journey to live with us! Once an application is received, we will enter it into the system and place you on the waiting list for the site(s)/program you selected—you will be contacted that we have received the application. Your position on the waiting list has certain factors considered, including time/date of application and preference points—this is a fluid list and position depends on many factors and can change.

When you are near the top of the list, your application will be pulled and you will be contacted to complete the eligibility and suitability screening process which may include having to complete and update packet or full application. If eligibility requirements are passed, you will be provided with “next steps.” If eligibility requirements are not passed, you will be provided a reason and opportunity to discuss—if this happens, please pay attention to the letter and avail yourself of the opportunity to discuss.


We are an Equal Opportunity Housing Provider. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status or disability. Learn More.