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HUD CARES Act Update

Posted 06/01/20

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On April 10, 2020, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) published a notice (PIH 2020-05) permitting housing authorities to employ waivers to provide relief of certain administrative burdens so that staff could more effectively address safety and protection for residents and staff regarding the Coronavirus pandemic. As such, HUD also permitted housing authorities to do this immediately but asked that residents be informed of the waivers adopted. Following are the waivers that will benefit WHA residents. Should you have any questions regarding them, please call 304-242-4447, ext. 1009.

  1.  Waivers Applicable to Both Public Housing and HCV Programs

    A. PHA 5-Year and Annual Plan Submission Dates, Significant Amendment Requirements.
    B. Family Income and Composition: Delayed Annual Examinations.
    C. Family Income and Composition: Interim Examinations
    D. Enterprise Income Verification (EIV) Monitoring

  2. Housing Choice Voucher Program Waivers-Housing Quality Standards (HQS) Inspections

    A. Initial Inspection Requirements
    B. HQS Interim Inspections
    C. HQS Quality Control Inspections

  3. Housing Choice Voucher Program Waivers-General

    A. Administrative Plan
    B. Information When Family is Selected-PHA Oral Briefing
    C. Term of Voucher-Extensions of Term
    D. Absence from Unit
    E. Automatic Termination of HAP Contract

  4. Public Housing Program Waivers

    A, ACOP: Adoption of Tenant Selection Policies
    B. Community Service and Self-Sufficiency Requirements (CSSR)
    C. Energy Audit
    D. Over-Income Families
    E. Review and Revision of Utility Allowances
    F. Tenant Notifications for Changes to Project Rules and Regulations

  5. PHAS, SEMAP, and Uniform Financial Reporting Standards

    A. PHAS
    B. SEMAP
    C. Uniform Financial Reporting Standards; Filing of Financial Reports; Reporting Compliance Dates

  6. Other Waivers and Administrative Relief

    A. Extension of Deadline for Programmatic Obligation and Expenditure of Capital Funds.

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